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7 Jun - 14 Jul, 2020

Current circumstances have forced the society to bare some great changes; in this situation, the structure of presenting Art and it’s production conditions have been transformed completely and creates basis for a new worldview, in which: objects could be seen beyond their constituent components. Simultaneously, the “Immaterial project” is running in our artificial platform “The Room”, to display artwork that kept their influencing posse even without their physical features. “Immaterial” is displaying Artworks created by 11 Artists, on Pejman Foundation’s website. Wednesdays& Sundays from June 7th Will Benedict - 7 June Raha Raissnia - 10 June Lawrence Abu Hamdan - 14 June Kayode Ojo - 17 June Meriem Bennani - 22 June Mitra Farahani - 24 June Slavs and Tatars - 28 June Newsha Tavakolian - 1 July Isabelle Cornaro - 5 July Neil Beloufa - 8 July Bahar Noorizadeh - 12 July



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