Group Show

21 Feb - 13 Mar, 2020

The Earth is our planet and during millions of years, a frangible membrane of Life has emerged on the Earth’s surface. All the conditions necessary for the emergence of the living organism as we know and understand it, have come together, and through evolution and gradual transitions have created life with all its intricate and astounding forms. However, in recent millennia, after the human race gained sovereignty over this lively crust as the supreme species, they have changed the earth in a way that scientists today find it impossible to return to the planet’s former state. Immense changes in climate, ecosystems, extinction of certain species, genetic manipulation, the massive volume of waste and pollution, excessive farming and alterations in soil and air’s chemical structures, etc, have changed the planet and its landscape in our horizon. Even our bodies have been affected by these new situations and have mutated. In these new conditions, the lives of human and non-human creatures have transitioned into new frames, and Life itself has been searching for new paths toward its own sustainability. This exhibition looks to those works of art that regard the planet with its new conditions as a newly discovered land, works that reflect and rethink the notion of Zoe on this new planet.

Curator: Zahra Ghiyasi




Mirzaye Shirazi

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