Group Show

25 Jan - 7 Mar, 2020

The voice is described and located sometimes between nature and culture, body and language, speech and music, between the intimately personal and the deeply social, symbol of the human condition and mark of individual identity (…)

From the first babbling, the voice is exercised, modulated and transformed like a malleable material. Inseparable from the body envelope, it emerges from organic and intimate regions, to echo what passes through us. In Iran, since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, women have no longer the right to sing in public as soloists, unless accompanied by, or even covered by, male voices. Their song, considered by moral and religious authorities as an appeal to the pleasure of the senses, is condemned to silence, confined to the enclosed and private space of the house. If the voice can be subject to such censorship, because of its connection to the body and the emotion it triggers, it is because something lodges in it that exceeds it, and which s states through it: to have a voice is to exercise one's subjectivity.



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