Sasan Abri - Solo Exhibition

11 Oct - 1 Nov, 2019

“Expedition” is also about the city. What makes it different from Abri’s previous series, such as “Exposed” and “The Dormant Yellow,” is the wandering people who have turned their backs on the camera in total disregard of its presence. The narratives of these Polaroid images are spontaneous with an improvisatory quality. Using camera and certain techniques, the images are blurred: two slices of one scene, one day, and the passing of one person happen simultaneously. Each frame contains two images that are separate and continuous at the same time. They are set on an uneven, distorted, and scrapped background like that of a deformed city or neighborhood. To the artist, the stories of the Polaroid and the photographic process are analogous to a game: your victory or defeat becomes apparent in the details of the photographs only after the films are processed.


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