Photography Exhibition

Kenro Izu - Solo Exhibition

27 Sep - 1 Nov, 2019
Photography Exhibition

Kenro Izu is a visual thinker who makes use of photography to translate the life of dreamy plains and spiritual places into the tangible world. He is not overly fond of colors, preferring to seek for the unadorned truth within a wide spectrum of lights and shades. Izu is the photographer of dark valleys and bright peaks. He domesticates things inside the image before they fall into the trap of language and interpretation. These are the approaches of the Japanese-born, New York-based photographer, Kenro Izu. The exhibition features three series: “Sacred Places,” the black and white “Still Life,” and “Blue.” Having made numerous journeys to sacred places that started back in 1979 with the Egyptian pyramids, Kenro began to observe and capture the spirituality present in these locations; places that are the permanent, concrete distillation of the religious, with illusory internalized imagery of external realities. The specific discourse embedded in Izu’s photography is the anthropocentrism of spirituality and worship.

Photography Exhibition



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