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The Eye and The Night
Group Show

19 Sep, 2019 - 9 Feb, 2020

The Eye and The Night

The works of eighteen artists from Africa, the Middle East and Europe question our perception of the world of night, between the secular and the sacred, real and imaginary.

The works presented invite to a sensible stroll in the dark by drawing a geography of our nights. The first part of the exhibition addresses the experience of the dark night as a source of knowledge and revelation. The eyes turned to the sky, wonderful, poetry, mysticism and science seem to be one. The exhibition then proposes to go through nights with disturbing and moving lights. In chiaroscuro revisited the bodies are shirking, their stories too. Between refuge and barrier, the night remains the place of solitude and adversity. Finally, the exhibition ends with artificial nights, between eclipses and illusions. Lulled by dream and reminiscence, these nights invented by artists are both confusing and familiar.

Curator: Geraldine Bloch


In this show

Timo Nasseri, It's Always Night, or We Wouldn't Need Light, 2015, 0
2015 | It's Always Night, or We Wouldn't Need Light

Timo Nasseri

120 × 130 × 8cm