Shit Moms

Tala Madani - Solo Show

7 Sep - 19 Oct, 2019
Shit Moms

David Kordansky Gallery is pleased to announce Shit Moms, an exhibition of new paintings and animated videos by Tala Madani. The show opens on September 7 and remains on view through October 19, 2019. An opening reception will take place on Saturday, September 7 from 6:00pm until 8:00pm. Shit Moms is Madani's second show at the gallery and will take place in all three of its exhibition spaces, making it one of her largest and most varied exhibitions to date.

As its title suggests, Shit Moms is filled with mother figures and meditations on motherhood. Madani takes a literal approach to this colloquial phrase used to describe mothers who fail their children, painting pictures of female bodies formed from a brown, sludgy substance that immediately evokes excrement. In many cases these mothers are seen in the process of being sculpted by small, cherubic children––they are mothers formed according to the libidinal wills of their offspring; in others, a caress or embrace from the mother leaves the otherwise oblivious child stained with filth. In the absence of a pristine mother or an angelic one, the shit mom will have to do, and the actions of the children in the paintings suggest that a shit mom is better than none at all.

Shit Moms

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