Habib Farajabadi - Solo Show

6 Sep - 20 Oct, 2019

By using only a few colours, Farajabadi has made sure that the materiality of the colour reveals its own particular quality. Our attention thus necessarily turns more to the nature and character of the work, and the surface thus gains its own special charm. This applies both to the artist’s paintings and his sculptures. They develop not only a congruity of colour and material, but also of form. For, in a number of ways, Farajabadi’s two vastly different art forms draw on the space around him, feeding off impressions of the city, graffiti, posters, books or art, or springing more directly from found material. Farajabadi makes all this – his work process and the images that influence him – accessible and relatable through the social media platform Instagram. Here, he documents and shares his artistic practice, and uses cross border networking to open the world up to him as an Iranian and conversely, to absorb broader perspectives himself.


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