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Group Show

11 Jun - 10 Aug, 2018


Exhibit in Manouchehri House, Kashan

The current exhibition has been designed based on the experience of traveling. To travel and to move through a path, both directly and figuratively, have significant connotations. Different aspects of this experience have been also discussed in arts and literature, metaphorically and symbolically. This exhibition presents journey and passage in the works of twelve artists.


In this show

Milad Nemati, The Holly Spirit, 0, 0
The Holly Spirit

Milad Nemati

29.5 × 21cm

Kaveh Irani, Untitled, 2016, 0
2016 | Untitled

Kaveh Irani

28 × 20cm

Shokoufeh Khoramroodi, Untitled, 2016, 0
2016 | Untitled

Shokoufeh Khoramroodi

14 × 21cm

Sharvin Shahrokh, No Beans, 2017, 0
2017 | No Beans

Sharvin Shahrokh

28 × 39cm

Installation view