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The Imaginary Made Real
Group Show

33 days to the ending

27 Jun - 16 Aug, 2024


“The imaginary is what tends to become real.” ― André Breton

Berry Campbell is pleased to present The Imaginary Made Real, curated by Paul Laster. Featuring 31 international contemporary artists, the exhibition celebrates Surrealism’s centennial anniversary with artworks that approach the dreamlike movement through fresh eyes.///

The exhibition loosely explores ways of thinking and working that are figuratively and abstractly related to the surreal while embracing visionary, spiritual, and psychological viewpoints.

“Art is the bridge between the visible and the invisible worlds.” ― Max Ernst

The exhibition features work in a variety of sizes and media, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography, ceramics, mosaics, assemblages, and bronzes. On view in the gallery’s two front spaces, The Imaginary Made Real can be seen from the street day or night, making it visible during diverse moments of reverie.

Exhibited artworks include visionary paintings by Italian self-taught artists Vera Girivi and Elisabetta Zangrandi, as well as David Onri Anderson and Sarah Lee; dreamlike scenarios by Leyla Runzi Cui, Charles Hascoët, Valerie Hegarty, Nir Hod, Katinka Huang, Oda Jaune, Nianxin Li, Rosa Loy, Donna Moylan, GaHee Park, Erik Parker; collage-like compositions by David Alekhuogie, Alex Anderson, Hoda Kashiha, Yasue Maetake, Tony Matelli , Melissa Rios, and Rhonda Wall; distorted figures by David Baskin, Saint Clair Cemin, Amie Dicke, Thomas Lerooy, Larissa De Jesús Negrón, Bony Ramirez; and the abstract realms of Yevgeniya Baras, Luiza Gottschalk, and Karla Knight. 

"When you look at a picture, you may wonder what is imaginary and what is real. Do we talk about the reality of the phenomena or the phenomenon of reality? What is really inside and what is outside? What do we have here: reality or dream? If a dream is a revelation about life in reality, then life in reality is also a revelation about a dream." ― René Magritte 


In this show

Hoda Kashiha, Moonlight, 2023, 0
2023 | Moonlight

Hoda Kashiha

149.86 × 149.86cm

Installation view