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Theory of Smell

Behrang Karimi

- Solo Show

47 days to the ending

14 Jun - 30 Aug, 2024

Theory of Smell


What makes You, You? What is it that brought you here to read these words? How can Curiosity stay alive if we are in the same moment talking about overkill of images, information, conflicts, crisis and so on... how can we continue to stay open and curious, when technology is already replacing thoughts, images, writing, decision making, nearly all cerebral activities are getting replaced.///

What stays are irreplaceable memories, the smell which you grow up with or place which had
memories. This Space of Imagination is a Treasure Bunker.

I really can remember the smell of my mother lipstick and the combination of slightly garlic and old rose/ opium sense. A heavy flowery note wich explodes in you mind and stay for a long while.

- Excerpt from a conversation with Behrang Karimi, June 2024