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Affirm The Break
Group Show

5 days to the ending

5 Jul - 19 Jul, 2024

Affirm The Break


Affirm the Break. What Break? The break from those powers that be, from the very concept of power, and from wherever power is seized.

Maurice Blanchot.///

What should one break from? This might be a fundamental question. The works in this exhibition are an effort, albeit small, to invite a departure from familiar practices or to defy what wants to discipline and homogenize everything.

Here, Break occurs from two things: first, the display of what is thinkable but not visible to a large part of society, and second, the break from what interprets art in the market or in politics.

In this exhibition, some of the images might be deemed surplus or marginal, but being off-center, being a project, referencing the archive, and contem- poraneity are elements that can be found in each of them; works that have emerged from different issues but are brought together by their shared characteristics.

Let us not forget that centrality should not be reduced to geography, such as saying Tehran as the capital and its surroundings... The center is the same focus of power, wealth, networks of relations, etc., all of which diminish or make other spaces invisible.

We should not flee from such an emer- gency that we all live through; we must break from it and build a new path, upon the ruins and lost spaces.

Mahmoud Maktabi

Curator: Mahmoud Maktabi


  • -  Mojtaba Amini
  • -  Hamed Jaberha
  • -  Saleh Tasbihi
  • -  Marjan Ghorbani
  • -  Ali Manouchehri
  • -  Aidin Bagheri
  • -  Shima Rastin
  • -  Ghazal Fallah Mehr
  • -  Zahra Jafarpour
  • -  Shaghayegh Kamyar

In this show

Shima Rastin, Untitled, 0, 0

Shima Rastin

210 × 130cm

Saleh Tasbihi, Mirza Ebrahim, 0, 0
Mirza Ebrahim

Saleh Tasbihi

28 × 18 × 8cm

Ali Manouchehri, Untitled, 0, 0

Ali Manouchehri

40 × 30cm

Mojtaba Amini, Meshki Historical House Toilet, 0, 0
Meshki Historical House Toilet

Mojtaba Amini

125 × 35 × 45cm

Marjan Ghorbani, Telegraph 4, 0, 0
Telegraph 4

Marjan Ghorbani

27 × 21cm

Installation view