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Shima Faridani

- Solo Show

Last day

28 Jun - 12 Jul, 2024



SARAI Gallery is pleased to present ''Interplay", an exhibition showcasing Shima Faridani's latest works that marks her second collaboration with the gallery.

The exhibition is on view from Friday, June 28 to July 12, 2024, at the gallery's location in Tehran.///

Faridani weaves a dreamscape where the lines between reality and imagination blur.

Creatures from her past series return, now inhabiting their own realm and interacting with their environment. Though strange and unfamiliar, a warm and expressive color palette imbues them with tangibility.

This collection builds upon her past work but with a newfound focus on technical mastery. Shifting from watercolor to oil paint, she leverages zoomed photographs to spark her imagination.

This approach unlocks fresh possibilities for creating these unique "space-places" and propels her artistry forward.

The paintings reward close examination, revealing intricate details waiting to be discovered. Yet, they take on an abstract quality, where composition and overall harmony reign supreme when viewed from afar.

This captivating duality is a testament to Faridani's skillful execution.

Further enriching the experience, Faridani presents wall-mounted papier-mâché sculptures that interact with the surrounding space like elements in her paintings. This collection marks a transition, opening a new artistic chapter for her.

In this show

Shima Faridani, Connection, 2022, 0
2022 | Connection

Shima Faridani

120 × 163 × 4cm

Shima Faridani, An Upside-Down Lion Dream, 2022, 0
2022 | An Upside-Down Lion Dream

Shima Faridani

120 × 171 × 4cm

Shima Faridani, Slaughter, 2022, 0
2022 | Slaughter

Shima Faridani

100 × 150 × 4cm