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Sassan Nassiri - Solo Show

27 Jun - 30 Jun, 2024


We are pleased to present for the first time in Paris, a series of paintings by the talented Iranian artist Sassan Nassiri: a luminous representation of the calm and serenity of a dream summer, where space and time have given way to the blue of the sky and the beauty of a place, somewhere between heaven and earth.///

Sassan Nassiri was born in Iran in 1961. A graduate of the University of Arts in Tehran and the Fine Arts School of Madrid, Sassan Nassiri's work has been regularly exhibited in Iran, the United States and Europe, notably in Madrid, New York and Toronto.

Sassan Nassiri's paintings are colorful and luminous. Timeless landscapes where geography gives way to the artist's dream and imagination. Where in the universe are we? Is it a dream landscape or is it reality? and this light, evanescent, what does it come to underline? The present or the eternal?

In this new series entitled "Summer", summer is in the spotlight, water, the sky, the sun, a woman, sometimes, at the water's edge.

In this show

Sassan Nassiri, Persian Garden, 2024, 0
2024 | Persian Garden

Sassan Nassiri

120 × 150cm

Sassan Nassiri, Summer's Embrace, 2021, 0
2021 | Summer's Embrace

Sassan Nassiri

150 × 175cm

Sassan Nassiri, The Pool and Flowers, 2024, 0
2024 | The Pool and Flowers

Sassan Nassiri

90 × 70cm

Sassan Nassiri, Summer Memory, 2024, 0
2024 | Summer Memory

Sassan Nassiri

120 × 150cm