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Laila Tara H.

- Solo Show

5 days to the ending

20 Jun - 19 Jul, 2024


'We exit our homes and come to face the uncontrollable. We exist, outside of the home, in spaces that challenge our autonomy and sense of control. We are put head-to-head with life. In times of comfort, this itself adds to the softness.///

It is a content submission, a case of a good political parent. In times of discomfort, it is an invasion. A parent removing the lock on your door! 

For her solo exhibition at Cooke Latham, Laila Tara H has created a haunting installation in which the viewer is invited to move through a 'day' as they navigate the walls of the gallery.

Although never clearly delineated, domestic and public space is alluded to throughout the installation, while the works themselves occupy the 'liminal space of that doorframe' between the two.

In this show

Laila Tara H., Entry point (Convincing Power of Yum), 2024, 0
2024 | Entry point (Convincing Power of Yum)

Laila Tara H.

83.5 × 68cm

Laila Tara H., Conjunction Study II, 2024, 0
2024 | Conjunction Study II

Laila Tara H.

48 × 39cm

Laila Tara H., Route II, 2024, 0
2024 | Route II

Laila Tara H.

28 × 48.5cm

Laila Tara H., Leftovers 1, 2024, 0
2024 | Leftovers 1

Laila Tara H.

50 × 90cm

Laila Tara H., Conjunction 1, 2024, 0
2024 | Conjunction 1

Laila Tara H.

126 × 98cm

Laila Tara H., Route 1, 2024, 0
2024 | Route 1

Laila Tara H.

31.5 × 47.5cm