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Palai Penang
Group Show

21 Mar - 14 Apr, 2024

Palai Penang


Palai Penang is the third edition of Palai, an itinerant exhibition organised by Paris based Galerie Balice Hertling to present international contemporary artworks in heritage homes. The first two editions of Palai were held in a historic palazzo in the center of Lecce, Italy.///

Blank Canvas, a non-profit art space in Penang, Malaysia, is delighted to collaborate with Galerie Balice Hertling to present Palai Penang in Malaysia from 21 March to 14 April 2024.

The exhibition will be presented at the Homestead at WOU (Wawasan Open University) the exclusive venue sponsor. It marks the first time that Palai will be presented in Asia.

Palai Penang presents in one of Penang’s largest and most elegant colonial mansions – Homestead. Built in 1919 and designed by architect James Stark, Homestead was acquired by the Penang businessman and philanthropist Yeap Chor Ee during the 1940s.

Mr Yeap’s grandson and the trustees of his estate donated Homestead to the WOU (Wawasan Open University) in 2006.

Palai Penang gathers a selected group of international art galleries from East and Central Asia, the Americas and Europe into a single venue, offering access to international artists and artistic practices to local visitors in Malaysia. In addition to Blank Canvas, the art galleries participating in Palai Penang are Balice Hertling (Paris, France), Delgosha (Tehran, Iran), Ermes Ermes (Rome, Italy), LC Queisser (Tbilisi, Georgia), Isla Flotante (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Loy Gallery (Singapore), and PHD Group (Hong Kong SAR, China).