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Crypton International Art Festival
Group Show

18 Dec - 23 Dec, 2019

Artist Statement:

In my kinetic installations, I use small trivial materials such as tiny stones, sequins, paper or feather all assembled with thin wires, suspended in transparent frames of plexiglass or glass, moving around their own axis, according to their mechanism, with a sense of weightlessness.

As an artist fascinated by spiritual and scientific ideas about the universe, stories and theories around the creation, I create artworks portraying archetypal and cosmic scenes, reflecting the concepts like infinity, multiplicity, movement & continuous changes, in a spatiotemporal frame.

With the aim of enforcing the visual commitment of the viewer, I use neon colored lights over the structures. Besides, the electronic cosmic sounds on the background, create a timeless ambience that engages the audience, letting them contemplate about the illusion of macrocosm or microcosm.


  • -  Poorya Gharehgozloo

Installation view