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List V – Works with Paper
Group Show

24 Nov - 11 Dec, 2023

List V – Works with Paper


List V – Works with Paper: Expressions with the Fragile Medium

A Collaborative Project of Ashkan Sanei and Orkideh Daroodi

“The List” is an ongoing and archival project that has exhibited the paper works of Iranian artists in the past few years. Regardless of their visual genre and based on the specific approach of each edition, the works have been showcased alongside one another with a specific agenda.

List I – Recent Drawings of Iran (2015)
List II – On Paper (2017)
List III – Archives in the Form of Artists’ Books and Sketchbooks (2019)
List IV – Another Perspective (2021)
List V – Works with Paper: Expressions with the Fragile Medium

The current edition showcases works that are created with attention to the inherent qualities of paper and its potentials for creativity. The artists have employed various techniques and approaches to utilize the unique characteristics of paper, going beyond using it as mere surface. They embrace its physicality including texture, fragility and flexibility to create thought-provoking pieces, challenging conventional notions and highlighting the material as an artistic medium itself.

– Ashkan Sanei


In this show

Afshan Daneshvar, Untitled, 2016, 0
2016 | Untitled

Afshan Daneshvar

63 × 14cm

Siah Armajani, Bridge Book, 1991, 0
1991 | Bridge Book

Siah Armajani

22.86 × 33.02cm

Farshid Maleki, Untitled, 1973, 0
1973 | Untitled

Farshid Maleki

78 × 63cm

Yasi Alipour, Of Rainfalls and Summer, 2022, 0
2022 | Of Rainfalls and Summer

Yasi Alipour

76 × 112cm