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Broken Truth
Group Show

8 days to the ending

17 Nov - 8 Dec, 2023

Broken Truth


Plus 2 Gallery announces "A Broken Reality," a group exhibition opening Friday, November 17, and continuing through December 8, 2023. The exhibition features work by Nasser Bakhshi, Asal Peirovi, Morteza Pourhosseini, Sima Shahmoradi, Mohaddeseh TaheriAmir Hossein Zanjani, and Hoda Zarbaf.

"A Broken Reality" delves into individuals' subtle yet profound influence on the world around them. The exhibition explores the intricate interplay between humanity and the environment, revealing the transformative power of our actions.

As Aidin Xankeshipour writes, "Each step, each choice-unbeknownst to us-sculpts our reality. The exhibition encapsulates the idea that our cumulative impact, though seemingly small, weaves together to shape the fabric of existence. It portrays reality as multifaceted, marked by bitterness, sharpness, hostility, and a sense of fracture." The juxtaposition of these images reflects the interconnectedness between human influence and the world, illustrating the fragility and resilience of our shared reality. By exploring the collision of human influence and the natural world, the exhibition prompts a reevaluation of the impact of our actions and the fragility of the reality we collectively shape.


In this show

Amirhossein Zanjani, Chinese Democracy, 2023, 0
2023 | Chinese Democracy

Amirhossein Zanjani

150 × 250cm

Sima Shahmoradi, Untitled, 2023, 0
2023 | Untitled

Sima Shahmoradi

80 × 80cm

Sima Shahmoradi, Untitled, 2023, 0
2023 | Untitled

Sima Shahmoradi

140 × 170cm

Asal Peirovi, Untitled, 2015, 0
2015 | Untitled

Asal Peirovi

60 × 100cm

Mohadese Taheri, Early Morning Fog, 0, 0
Early Morning Fog

Mohadese Taheri

40 × 30cm

Morteza Pourhosseini, Untitled, 2017, 0
2017 | Untitled

Morteza Pourhosseini

30 × 30cm

Morteza Pourhosseini, Untitled, 2023, 0
2023 | Untitled

Morteza Pourhosseini

120 × 90cm

Nasser Bakhshi, Untitled, 2022, 0
2022 | Untitled

Nasser Bakhshi

90 × 120cm

Installation view