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Probabilistic Space
Group Show

2 days to the ending

10 Nov - 8 Dec, 2023

Probabilistic Space


The indefinite future: Ambiguity and collective work

Paying attention to the qualities of the era we are living in, namely the socio-economic atmosphere after the COVID-19 pandemic, recent political and social events both locally and globally, and their impact on the creative process of artists is the entry point we have considered to start our work.///

The creative process of artists and their practices have undergone changes during this period and have taken a new form, although it is challenging to provide an exact depiction of it. The future appears more uncertain than ever, and one of the themes that stand out in this context is ambiguity and complexity. Ambiguity and complexity raise new questions, introduce new forms, and seek new intersections. Now, creating a platform for bringing artists together and organizing collective events to understand such new forms and discuss them is the idea behind our first "Probabilistic Space" project.

Considering the space that we may have available to us, and if we think of ambiguity as a dynamic concept for generating questions and fostering new ideas, what we observe in this exhibition is the culmination of a collective experience of showcasing multiple art projects with a kind of presentation and structure that is blended with the concept of our own current state, which is probabilistic, shrouded in ambiguity, incomplete, or on the verge of completion.

In this project, artists have been selected based on their professional experience and their involvement with a specific project that is related to the changes and developments that have occurred. Along this path, we have initiated a collective conversation with one another. These conversations have acted as forces for the formation of the process of this exhibition and bringing the mental space of the artists closer to each other, in a way that the individual experiences of each are exchanged and shared in a collective framework, and the probabilistic architecture of the show space in Ava Platt serves as a gathering place for these forces to expand. The outcome of such encounters is a group exhibition in which they demonstrate the ways in which artists engage with one another, collectively experience a part of the intellectual, practical, and presentational process, and showcase an expression of the era in which they exist and live, in their own unique way.


Installation view