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What Models Make Worlds: Critical Imaginaries of A.I.

Morehshin Allahyari

- Solo Show

3 days to the ending

7 Sep - 9 Dec, 2023


A new exhibition at the Ford Foundation Gallery is shining new, critical light on artificial intelligence—not just as a hot new tool for artists, but as a system with encoded, and potentially harmful, biases. 

What Models Make Worlds: Critical Imaginaries of A.I.” brings together more than 15 artists whose A.I.-assisted works probe the limits of the technology and envision richer, more diverse models. A.I., after all, is far from a value-neutral tool, but one that replicates the prejudices of the humans that coded it. If A.I. is poised to reshape our digital horizon, the show asks, how just or equitable will that future be?


Installation view