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Faezeh Zandieh

- Solo Show

19 Oct - 4 Nov, 2023


What is first striking in Faezeh's works is the omnipresence of the masculine. I was surprised by this to her. “I represent what I saw in Iran, the way I perceived this violence,” she retorted.

Faezeh cut his teeth with engraving. We even feel it at the heart of his oil paintings, this habit of digging, of incising, this particular way of giving volume to the flat surface. This density of line serves the dramaturgy of his scenes of struggle and highlights the violence of his protagonists, returned to their own solitude.

Passages”. Taking action for those who no longer have words. Initiatory rite of the young man who joins his peers. Passage from one place to another, from one reality to another like the artist who left his native Iran for France.. The visitor will be free to interpret the title chosen by Faezeh.
I am delighted to highlight for the first time a young Iranian artist through this series of works to be discovered from the opening on October 19 at 44, rue des Tournelles, in Paris.