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The Dispossessed
Elika Hedayat - Solo Show

4 days to the ending

23 Sep - 10 Dec, 2023


"Since 2010, the art center has linked its research into eco-attention by including in its programming invitations made to author/curators who work in their careers to give voice to stigmatized and minority people.

We can thus think about the Herstory program, archives in the era of postfeminism, co-constructed with the historian Julie Crenn and the artist Pascal Lièvre, who in 2017 made the voices of feminists, women, men and LGBTQIA+ heard from around the world ahead of the #MeToo movement.///

In 2019, the magnificent exhibition Where is My Friend's house?, imagined by three female curators Dunia Al-Dahan, Paula Aisemberg and Véronique Bouruet Aubertot brought together around twenty artists from the scene of Syrian contemporary art, offering authors a dialogue and the possibility of testifying. More recently, the exhibition Somewhere Between Silence and Speaking (2021) curated by Florian Gaité, offered an ear extended beyond the Mediterranean by thus bringing together artists born, living, and working in Algeria, whose research is in direct contact with the plural languages of their country.

It is therefore in this same editorial line that, to inaugurate its new season, the art center brings together a long-time accomplice pair, the exhibition curator Françoise Docquiert and the Iranian artist Elika Hedayat.

This exhibition reactivates, from a previously unpublished series, the commitments of the art center to instill means of resistance through artistic creation. By taking work in situ, the artist makes a shift towards sensitive cosmogonies, both personal and universal. Creation then manifests itself as a producer of imagination which invites us to re-examine our heritage and which provide alternatives in the face of systemic violence. The artist, whose content of his work engages with ecological issues, reflects on both the Couper les fluids project, which has just ended, and the one to follow, The Nourishing Art Center. "