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Creating Place
Group Show

1 Jul - 16 Sep, 2023

Creating Place


"Creating Place" is an exciting new project exploring the theme of "home" and our sense of place. 4 artists will work with local communities to develop an interactive exhibition which celebrates Leigh’s diversity and creates a vision for a sustainable future.///

From April to June, we are working in partnership with Sheba Arts, SWAP Leigh and artist Beena Nouri to run a series of art workshops with asylum seekers, refugees and migrant communities in Leigh. Their creative activities will form part of the "Creating Place" exhibition in The Turnpike Gallery, where visitors will be invited to respond with their own ideas through sculpture, construction, drawing, writing and performance. Look out for more details of events taking place during the summer, including the Sheba Arts Festival on the Civic Square on Saturday 17th June.

Leeds-based artist Mohammad Barrangi will be resident in the gallery during July and August, creating a wonderful installation in his .own inimitable style, inspired by stories and images from his home in Iran. Visitors will be able to interact with Mo’s installation and respond with their own artworks in the gallery.

Two further artists will be working with families and schools and there will be opportunities for visitors to work with artists in the gallery throughout July and August