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Hamidreza Emami - Solo Show

30 Jun - 21 Jul, 2023



Sometimes a word suffices for a narration to be born.

Dead-end, predicament, confinement, alley, assurance, home, end, peeking and ... are all interwoven with the one word!///

"Obstruction" is the very upshot of attending a social life and is nourished from the convergence of external and physical reality of walls with the connotations derived from them which will give birth to a new denotation, depending on the fact that what memory or experience of the same word one's mind is abound with.

Nowadays, probably more than any other days, we feel ourselves to be confronted with the height of the wall, to which we would either succumb or against which we would prevail.


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2022 | Untitled

Hamidreza Emami

20 × 27cm

Installation view