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Contemporary Exhibition
Group Show

23 Jun - 24 Jul, 2023

Contemporary Exhibition


These days there is a lot of talk about contemporary art and they compare it with modern art. But for me, putting these two in front of each other is unfair. I think that in today's world - maybe due to the digital revolution - the border between arts and the various artistic schools has been removed. Today, the artist - consciously or unconsciously - regardless of the art schools, follows his inner concerns, with the help of strength and courage that is usually required for these situations, he creates a work of art.///

This is also the reason why the discussion of all kinds of arts and as a result of art schools at the present time is one of the meaningless categories. Beyond the boundaries of a particular discipline, beyond the scope of a particular means of mass communication, beyond definition and explanation, the only way of natural development of art and artist is to get rid of these limitations, if it is accompanied by perseverance and courage, even though with difficulty, even though with misunderstanding. Let's not forget that contemporary art is all-inclusive, free, necessary but not necessary, and nevertheless essential. Now we are showing a small selection of contemporary art and artists of this form of art, from Lal's collection, curated by Fereydoun Ave, Hassan and Hossein Roshanbakht, in Hashtcheshma art space.

Curator: Fereydoun Ave, Hassan & Hossein Rowshanbakht


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Installation view