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A Universe at the Corner
Sepand Danesh - Solo Show

8 days to the ending

26 May - 17 Jun, 2023

A Universe at the Corner


Fx(a) : Fy(b) = Fx(b): Fa-1(y)

The algebraic formula called the canonical formula of myth is used to describe the transformational process of a mythical tale and space of time, while also defining the stability of the tale. It was first mentioned by the anthropologist and ethnologist Claude Lévi-Strauss. 

The portrait represents a kind-eyed old man seeming to know something that we can't know Other paintings show a clown, two musicians o dancers with a monkey, and a painter All those characters have seemingly nothing in common besides their placement in a corner without ceiling or floor on shelves slightly below the horizon line and composed of one identical fragment a cube a voxel (a pixel in volume) These characters also belong to the same process of structural transformation of the tale that Inhabits them For example, the clown inspired by Edward Hopper's work Blue Night shows a man dressed as a clown who does not clown ground. He still wears the mood the make-up and the traces of this character but is already in a moment of transformation of transition from one part of his identity to the other. 

Installation view