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Blue Sonata
Seroj Barseghian - Solo Show

7 days to the ending

26 May - 16 Jun, 2023

Blue Sonata


+2 proudly presents "Blue Sonata", the solo exhibition of works by Seroj Barseghian, on 26 May 2023, which will continue until 16 June 2023. This is Seroj Barseghian's third solo with Dastan. Barseghian's most recent paintings explore the concept of vibration and movement through a mesmerizing display of stripes. Influenced by Nastaliq calligraphy and Iranian miniature art, his paintings convey a fusion of tradition and contemporary vision. The exhibition's blue theme symbolizes sorrow, referencing the cultural significance of grief for the Armenian minority of Iran. Barseghian's linear and wavy compositions offer a dynamic visual experience, contrasting with the abstract concept of the point. Each brushstroke harmonizes to create a symphony of motion reminiscent of music. By giving wandering sound waves an objective form, Barseghian's artwork merges the realms of painting and music. Seroj Barseghian (b. 1953, Isfahan, Iran) has had several solo exhibitions since 1990 at galleries across Tehran, including a retrospective in Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Arts, and has participated in many group exhibitions in Paris, Mexico City, and Tehran.