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A Mass Sporting Event
Mina Mohseni - Solo Show

13 May - 15 Jun, 2023

A Mass Sporting Event


At the opening of Mina Mohseni's residence (Tehran), as part of an invitation from URDLA and Les Limbes with the assistance of the French Embassy in Iran, from May 13 to June 15, 2023 URDLA presents a selection of works by the artist made in Iran.

A first presentation of his works in France while the artist is invited during this residency to experiment with the techniques and layouts of the printed image (lithography, engravings, etc.) and to continue his personal research within the framework and the modalities offered by URDLA in terms of printed images: lithography, intaglio engraving, engraving in savings size. The artist benefits from the artistic and editorial support of the director; technical support for the printers who produce the prints for the artists.

Subsequently, Les Limbes will offer a period of residence and research. Depending on the needs of the artist, there will be times for discussions on the work with researchers, curators and artists. Then a time of public visibility of the work done during the residencies.