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The Scale of nth Facto
Arezoo Zargar and Hanieh Khodabandelu

19 May - 2 Jun, 2023

The Scale of nth Facto


From the view of ancient Iranians, the universe had three fundamental characteristics before its creation: Zurn Akarana, meaning infinite time, Tawashe Akarana, meaning infinite space, and Khishiteh, meaning all-pervading light. And this is despite the fact that even after its creation, three fundamental characteristics can be enumerated for the cosmos: Zurvān, meaning boundless time, Swasheh, meaning boundless space, and Vayu, meaning all-encompassing air. According to the ancient Iranians, existence has meaning only if it becomes finite


  • -  Arezoo Zargar
  • -  Hanieh Khodabandehlou