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The Desire to Be a Corner (Listen)
Yasi Alipour - Solo Show

12 May - 24 Jun, 2023

The Desire to Be a Corner (Listen)


“The Desire to Be a Corner (Listen)” showcases Yasi’s unique approach to exploring systems of math, language, and history through intricately folded pieces of paper. Her artistic practice, which weaves drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, writing, and lectures, is grounded in her personal experiences as a SWANA Femme exploring the legacies and possibilities of her interrupted history and spaces of silence


It’s a fold.

the before and after of drawing.

The moment of letter writing.///

The empty paper and the untold stories it holds.

A fold:

beginning only because one takes the paper off the table,

Lets it become more than a surface.

Find your hand.


Think of the blue

Pouring rain

a piece of paper dissolving

surrendering the words, the only witnesses,

to the water.

It’s the story of the sea.

Leaving the water with your kind,

laughing, finding ground

waiting to dry.

It’s the blue of water,

the blue of the sun.


It’s in the crossings.

How does one measure the time, wasted,

Count the life-span of a houseplants,

each only a fragment, a remembering

Clippings, offerings from friends;

You wonder when they begin or end.

Only to remember that

they always already continue


There’s a line

Of and between desires and dreams:

Vanishing points becoming the memory of arrival.

It’s just a corner.

A Call

If I left this small fold on the table,

Will you take it,

Hold it

Carry it with care?

Yasi Alipour