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Group Show

3 days to the ending

27 Apr - 8 Jun, 2023


Arlington Center for the Arts is presenting REUNION: 10 Iranian Artists 10 Years Later, curated by the Safarani Sisters. One decade after graduating from art school at Tehran University, artist and curator duo “Safarani Sisters,” sought connection with their former peers. From their thoughtful questions, exchange of art, and reflections came a reinforced understanding of art and its ability to speak beyond language itself.  REUNION assembles these artists, passionate in supporting one another and making the world a happier place to live. ///

Through their unique identities and journeys arises anchoring experiences in shared educational and environments. With the passage of ten years, REUNION celebrates these foundations and new discoveries in each individual artist and in the group as a community- catalyzing thoughtfulness about the artists’ themes and challenging monolithic perspectives. REUNION is a continuation of the artistic careers these artists embarked on 10 years ago, brought back into the same space for continued growth and learning with the greater community and exploring the impact of a shared educational experience on their own artmaking as individuals and as a community of learners.


Installation view