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Group Show

12 May - 16 Jun, 2023



The Parallel Circuit will open "Prospect" on May 2023,12. The show features a selection of works by Yousha Bashir, Homa Delvaray, Hoda Kashiha, Ali Meer Azimi, Jacopo Pagin, and Ali Akbar Sadeghi and will continue through June 2023,16. Debuting in the summer of 2021, The Parallel Circuit aims to expand the artistic program of Dastan, showing work by artists based in Iran and international artists. While operating within the framework of Dastan, The Parallel Circuit maintains its independent identity and intellectual autonomy, ensuring its activities, including artist invitations, projects, and exhibitions, remain true to its distinctive vision.///

"Prospect" showcases what The Parallel Circuit has presented in its two years of exhibitions. It is a fluid and unrestricted approach to displaying artworks, showing artists experimental and expressive side. By utilizing various forms and leveraging the unique venue of The Parallel Circuit, the gallery encourages a different visual experience with each visit, inviting viewers to engage with the art in new and exciting ways. The gallery has always prioritized the artists. freedom of choice and creative vision, whether through solo exhibitions featuring established artists or group shows celebrating diversity in age, gender, nationality, and medium. This commitment fosters a productive communication channel between the artist, the audience, and the gallery, creating a dynamic and starting conversation. As The Parallel Circuit enters its third year, "Prospect" reflects past displays and a glimpse into the future. The exhibition brings together artists previously whose work had been presented in past solo or group shows at the venue, fostering continued collaborations and encouraging dialogue within the art scene. A second iteration of "Prospect", scheduled after this exhibition, will feature a similar look into the programming's past and future at The Parallel Circuit. 


In this show

Ali Meer Azimi, No.01, 2022, 0
2022 | No.01

Ali Meer Azimi

230 × 175 × 110cm

Jacopo Pagin, Immutable Storm, 2022, 0
2022 | Immutable Storm

Jacopo Pagin

100 × 130cm

Yousha Bashir, Untitled, 2022, 0
2022 | Untitled

Yousha Bashir

244 × 194cm

Installation view