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Adam vareh
Group Show

12 May - 12 Jun, 2023

Adam vareh


"Adam vareh"

The figure as a human being has been present in Iranian painting since the past, and this presence in most cases with pictorial characteristics served to draw a narrative or historical event and such. But since the last few decades and especially with the beginning of modern art in Iran, we have seen the formation of figurative art, in which the figure in the work expresses itself in proportion to the image, and in fact, in an independent way and from various social, political, Psychological and... are represented. In this project, it has been tried to display the works of famous and effective figurative artists in the last three decades, so that the audience in this exhibition can see some of the visual and content effects of this important approach in contemporary Iranian art.

Mehdi Rahmi

Spring 2023

Curator: Mehdi Rahemi