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Distance Flow
Kimia Dehghan - Solo Show

5 May - 26 May, 2023

Distance Flow


Dastan's Basement presents "Distance Flow", an exhibition of printed paintings by Kimia Dehghan (b. 1998, Tehran). The exhibition, which includes unique printed editions of the digital works, will open on May 5, 2023, and continue through May 26. This is Kimia Dehghan's first solo exhibition at Dastan's Basement. Her work has been featured in several group exhibitions, including most recently at Dastan's presentation at Art Dubai 2023. Kimia Dehghan's most recent paintings take two paths: portraits of people shedding tears and natural landscapes. These works express a rift, a "separation" that she suggests is "all that we know: the distance between the creator and the created". ///

The Artist sees 'tears' as a means to "feed back into that rift": a drop of tear, in her view, is a natural element that symbolizes mourning for the separation. Once a tear drops, it flows back to nature. The artist sees tears as a representation of separation and longing that feeds one's imagination and desire for creation. Through her work, Kimia Dehghan invites the viewer to contemplate this 'rift', ideas such as distance and separation, and their impact on the perception of nature and oneself.

In this show

Kimia Dehghan, Simpliness, 2022, 0
2022 | Simpliness

Kimia Dehghan

32 × 45cm

Kimia Dehghan, I'm So Green , 2022, 0
2022 | I'm So Green

Kimia Dehghan

50 × 50cm

Kimia Dehghan, Blue Windy Sky, 2022, 0
2022 | Blue Windy Sky

Kimia Dehghan

48 × 67cm

Kimia Dehghan, Winter, 2022, 0
2022 | Winter

Kimia Dehghan

29.5 × 40cm

Kimia Dehghan, Blue and Green Eye, 2022, 0
2022 | Blue and Green Eye

Kimia Dehghan

50 × 33.5cm

Kimia Dehghan, A Piece of Earth, 2022, 0
2022 | A Piece of Earth

Kimia Dehghan

30 × 34cm

Kimia Dehghan, Purple Flowers, 2022, 0
2022 | Purple Flowers

Kimia Dehghan

32 × 20cm

Installation view