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Particular Good Game For Self Punishment
Ghazaleh Avarzamani - Solo Show

15 Apr - 20 May, 2023


Galerie Nicolas Robert is proud to present "Particular Good Game For Self Punishment", Ghazaleh Avarzamani's first solo exhibition in Montreal. This exhibition confuses different degrees of failure and success in order to destabilize hegemonic narratives. Failure here addresses themes of nationality, religion, politics and morality. The exhibition is expressed through gestures and interventions of the private register, and it is emblematic of a position/attitude of complacency. An almost willful and blissful ignorance is created by the censorship of opinion, refracted by rose-colored glasses. This is the news feed against willful blindness; the double edge of hearing nothing, saying nothing, seeing nothing. Speaking of an undercurrent of inaction, the exhibition draws attention to the hypocritical idea of ​​security/safety and how it plays and fails. It questions the normative and suggests a reform of thestatus quo .