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Breeze And Brine
Group Show

4 Mar - 2 Apr, 2023

Breeze And Brine


Breeze & Brine, a three-man show inspired by the sea, Unveils new paintings from Edward Minoff, Nelson H. White, and Darius Yektai. This exhibition will take place at Grening Gallery and will hang from Saturday, March 4th through Sunday, April 2nd, 2023.///

One side thy inland ocean laving, broad, with copious commerce,

steamers, sails,

And one the Atlantics wind caressing, fierce or gentle—mighty

hulls dark-gliding in the distance.

Isle of sweet brooks of drinking water—healthy air and soil!

Isle of the salty shore and breeze and brine!

Walt Whitman, "Paumanok" 1881


  • -  Dariush Yektai