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Migration - Online Viewing
Group Show

20 Dec, 2022 - 20 Jan, 2023


Analog Forever Magazine is pleased to showcase 21 images in this month’s online exhibition, entitled “Migration” curated by the Founder of jdc Fine Art, contemporary art gallery and dealer, Jennifer DeCarlo . Jennifer DeCarlo writes: Migration speaks to place and displacement.  It may be driven by necessity or aspiration, curiosity, or adventure.  I am interested in the diversity of this universal phenomenon.  It is not crossing a line in the sand.  It is neither the line, nor the sand.  It is the ringing promise for hope, a splendid and terrible thing.  Like holding your breath under water.I was drawn to these images for their ability to speak to the liminal space between places.  They are full of rush and wonder, anticipation, frenzy, and calm.  They embody the emotion held in the leap of faith, not only by the subject but the new territory within which they would arrive.  We are all travelers moving through time, sharing space.

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Curator: Jennifer DeCarlo


In this show

Mehrdad Mirzaie, Overseas, 2013, 0
2013 | Overseas

Mehrdad Mirzaie

Mitra Samavaki, Homecoming, 0, 0

Mitra Samavaki