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Hometown Session #2
Group Show

8 Dec - 18 Dec, 2022


Hometown Session #2 is the second of a series of exhibitions dedicated to showcasing international artists whose perspectives embody the core values of EDJI Gallery.

This group show brings into conversation four artists from across the globe who boldly reflect their views on issues both personal and social through various bodies of works that explore figuration, representation and abstraction.


In this show

Morteza Khakshoor, Burning Match, 0, 0
Burning Match

Morteza Khakshoor

40 × 30cm

Morteza Khakshoor, Big Heavy Book, 0, 0
Big Heavy Book

Morteza Khakshoor

40 × 35cm

Morteza Khakshoor, Bad Dream, 0, 0
Bad Dream

Morteza Khakshoor

55 × 75cm

Morteza Khakshoor, Star Knee, 0, 0
Star Knee

Morteza Khakshoor

55 × 75cm