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Timeless Figures
Ghasem Hajizadeh - Solo Show

6 Oct - 16 Oct, 2022

Timeless Figures


The Mark Hachem Gallery and the Simine Paris platform have come together to offer the TIMELESS FIGURES Exhibition, a retrospective of paintings by Iranian artist Ghasem Hajizadeh which, in view of the historical aspect of his considerable work paired with the strength of his representations, touches both the Eastern and Western public. This exhibition presents a series of portraits in the heart of the artist’s world, marked by a “Mystical Iran”.

The name “TIMELESS FIGURES” suggests a journey into the timeless world of Ghasem Hajizadeh, where the figures of women and men with multiple identities are mixed. At the heart of this series is the question of identity. Ghasem Hajizadeh poetically and elegantly illustrates the Iranian woman’s tug of war between her deep desire for modernity, and the weight of the thousand-year-old traditions that she carries in her being and on her body.

In his work, the Iranian woman is at once modern and free, joyful and deep, extravagant and stoic, poetess and revolutionary, hidden and apparent.

Curator: Leila Varasteh

In this show

Ghasem Hajizadeh, Le Cabaret Moulin Rouge, 1975, 0
1975 | Le Cabaret Moulin Rouge

Ghasem Hajizadeh

160 × 130cm

Ghasem Hajizadeh, Le Temps Immobile, 2015, 0
2015 | Le Temps Immobile

Ghasem Hajizadeh

80 × 120cm

Ghasem Hajizadeh, Untitled, 2015, 0
2015 | Untitled

Ghasem Hajizadeh

60 × 80cm

Installation view