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Embrace of Memory
Moje Assefjah - Solo Show

9 Sep - 3 Oct, 2022

Embrace of Memory


Mojé Assefjah will be presenting "Embrace of Memory" a new  series of works on canvas, wood and glass for the special "Kunstnacht" opening night at Neue Galerie Landshut in Germany on September 9.The artist will show paintings on canvas, wood and acrylic glass, as well as a new body of work in which the three dimensionality and texture of colors that already exist in her paintings, transform into pictorial objects. Mojé Assefjah usually paints on untreated linen, but sometimes she paints directly on the wall. Depending on the background, the surfaces stand out more or less. However, the colors are so expressive, as if you can see the material in them. Mojé Assefjah's decision to use the egg tempera technique goes hand in hand with an intensive examination of art history. Although Persian miniature painting is also found to be an influence, Assefjah's paintings are above all a dialogue with European cultural history.; it relates less to abstraction than, say, to the Renaissance. If the works of the Renaissance were already windows to nature, Assefjah opens another window.”

Annette Hoffmann

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