Invisible Palaces of Imagination

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Invisible Palaces of Imagination
Group Show

22 Jul - 9 Aug, 2022

Invisible Palaces of Imagination

"Invisible Palaces of Imagination" A artwork Exhibition Curated by Moein Shafei
Maybe you think or read us as dreamers, living in a world far from reality or sometimes crazy. But know that we live in a world with vast palaces; With countless rooms and windows drowned in the light or darkness of our imagination, where thousands of strange, sleeping and awake creatures are placed. Palaces where we can put on a musical concert among eggshells with instruments made of insect wings, Invite butterflies walking in high heels and sit on a ship anchored in the middle of a burning desert watching mirrors in which ghosts dance. We can build mansions the size of a city standing on spiky needles and inhabited by women with faces whose beauty does not scratch the mirror. And men so strong take a step in it that they move the pyramids; And countless landscapes that are the birth of our imaginations and dreams. You see, in just a few lines, we took you to what an imaginary party! Now let's watch it.///
To praise the imagination Consider two tribes: One of them is people who are just pragmatic and the second are people who are storytellers and dreamers. Both of them are trying to continue living like each other, but the only difference is that one of them is a storyteller. Scientists have come to the conclusion that pragmatic people, if they existed in the past, do not exist anymore And people are storytellers that their lives will continue. This is the mystery of the story and this excerpt from the comparison between the two tribes taken from the book "The Storytelling Animal" written by Jonathan Gatshall proves that the element of imagination and narrative is like a vital fluid that can be important in the long run. And who needs this element more than writers and artists? The different and wonderful imaginary worlds of artists are so vast and infinite that they can create and create other different worlds in the minds of their audience for thousands of years. The collection of "Invisible Palaces of Imagination" and many art collections that are displayed without mentioning themselves, are primarily set up with the purpose of praising imagination. Because they owe their establishment to imagination. But the "Invisible Palaces of Imagination" exhibition is deliberately and openly aimed at praising this vital element. An element that all artists owe to. Although its management by each artist and the process of creating art is another category that deserves discussion and maybe it can be addressed on another occasion. This exhibition is held at the suggestion of Shirin Gallery and Main Shafi's efforts with the aim of collecting imaginative works that draw the attention of interested friends to the element that every artist's life depends on.
Moein Shafei

Curator: Moein Shafei


  • -  Tabassom Taham
  • -  Davar Yousefi
  • -  Afshin Bagheri
  • -  Mohammad Tabatabaei
  • -  Hosein Kahafi
  • -  Davood Teymouj
  • -  Hekmat Rahmani
  • -  Yahya Roydel
  • -  Kian Vatan
  • -  Koosha Moossavi
  • -  Pezhman Rahimizadeh
  • -  Sohrab Nabipour
  • -  Shirin Babazadeh
  • -  Hamed Norouzi
  • -  Barana Saadat
  • -  Solmaz Nabati
  • -  Peyman Rahimizadeh
  • -  Elahe Keshavarz
  • -  Sahar Daei
  • -  Amirali Momen
  • -  vahid arian
  • -  Mona Hoseinzadeh
  • -  Parisa Khazaei
  • -  Mohammadreza Feizi
  • -  Danial Teymouj
  • -  Armin Mokhtari
  • -  Sajaad Mirmoeni
  • -  Vahid Khazaei
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In this show

Barana Saadat, Red Flage, 2022, 0
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Barana Saadat

110 × 130cm

Davar Yousefi, Presence, 2022, 0
2022 | Presence

Davar Yousefi

200 × 180cm

Mohammad Tabatabaei, Untitled, 2018, 0
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Mohammad Tabatabaei

80 × 100cm