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Group Show

17 days to the ending

9 Jul - 27 Aug, 2022


Shulamit Nazarian, Los Angeles is pleased to present 10 YEARS, a special group exhibition celebrating this milestone anniversary for the gallery. Exhibited artists include:

Coady Brown, Maria A. Guzmán Capron, Katie Dorame, Amir H. Fallah, Daniel Gibson, Wendell Gladstone, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Reuven Israel, Manal Kara, Annie Lapin, Ken Gun Min, Bridget Mullen, Fay Ray, Charles Snowden, Michael Stamm, Cammie Staros, Naama Tsabar, Summer Wheat, Wendy White, Tori Wrånes, and Mikey Yates.Shula Nazarian says, “10 YEARS, proudly unites the artwork of each gallery artist within the context of a single exhibition. While we look back and consider the accomplishments of both the gallery and our artists over this past decade, we also look to our future with the addition of several artists that are new to the gallery, placing the next generation of artists in dialogue with those that have long been pillars to the creative development of our shared space. This inclusive presentation underscores the gallery’s belief that artists have the unique ability to help us understand the most pressing issues of our day and to illuminate new pathways for tomorrow.


In this show

Installation view