Graz – Tehran

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Graz – Tehran
Azam Shadpour - Solo Show

6 days to the ending

14 Jun - 9 Jul, 2022

Graz – Tehran


In this series , I have presented photos of the atmosphere of two cities: Tehran and Graz, conforming to the Baudelaire description (A Flâneur in the city to experience it), I walked, wandering, in both cities photographing my observations.

The Graz set of images are my experiences during my three-month artist residency in 2021.
The empty urban spaces of Graz got my attention- mostly still, uncrowded with an absence of cars, which is in stark contrast to Tehran. 

Tehran is a historic metropolis, packed and almost without any vacant/open areas, often congested with cars or crowds. In most parts, public areas such as sidewalks have just about been vanished. 
Tehran is super congested and one cannot experience peace, quiet and calm, which is the contrast to Graz where I wandered and discovered frequent peaceful and empty areas, which signified mental calm and tranquility.
 I used Polaroid film to convey the approximation of the spaces to my mental images. The color difference in the images is accidental and the result of the developing chemicals and climatic influences of both cities.

Installation view