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Group Show

35 days to the ending

10 Jun - 7 Aug, 2022


In its current exhibition, Schaumbad - Freies Atelierhaus Graz approaches the connection between closeness and dependency, comfort gain and loss of control. For the term dependence mostly suggests a connection with intoxicants and substance-induced addictive behavior. And negotiates an image of "the others" who are apparently "not strong or disciplined enough" to arrange themselves. The artists invited into the bubble bath rather approach that moment that carries the seeds of loss of control in everyday situations and arrangements. Just as the blessings of the digital world make our lives easier, fossil fuels fuel our dreams of prosperity and convenience. Entire armies are programming the expansion of the digital division of labor: from the smart home to the self-driving car to the algorithm-driven maid. Where is the tipping point between gaining comfort and losing control, and what is triggering this transformation from connectedness to addiction?

Curator: Keyvan Paydar and Elke Murlasits