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Merging Horizons
Hessam Samavatian and Sonia Balassanian

24 May - 24 Jun, 2022

Merging Horizons

«Merging Horizons» refers to the concept of 'fusion of horizons’ by the German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer (1900-2002). A dialectical concept that results from the rejection of two alternatives: objectivism, where the objectification of the other is achieved by forgetting oneself; and absolute knowledge, according to which that universal history can be articulated in a single horizon. Consequently, he maintains that we exist neither in closed horizons, nor in a single horizon. « This notion of « horizons » refers in our show to the visual perception of horizons one can find in Sonia Balassanian's and Hessam Samavatian's works as well as to « horizon » as a way to conceptualiize our discernment. The horizon is as far as we can perceive or understand it. Comprehension occurs when our current knowledge is shifted to a new, broader horizon suggested by an encounter, an experience or even a surprise. Our exhibition « Merging Horizons » interpretates this fusion by connecting the spectators’ knowledge with the artists’ expression of horizons broadening its perception beyond imagination.