I Used to Be Divinity; Eden, My Abode

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I Used to Be Divinity; Eden, My Abode

Sahar Nahavandi Nejad

- Solo Show

8 days to the ending

13 May - 25 May, 2022

I Used to Be Divinity; Eden, My Abode

Man’s first experience of the world is a violent encounter marked by the severed umbilical cord and the departure from the sanctuary of the mother’s body. Thus begins a lifelong quest in search of that blissful security. In these drawings, the womb, the fetus’ first shelter, symbolizes an eternal safe haven in which the fetus is formed, gestates, perishes and disintegrates. The interwoven, indistinguishable and androgynous fetuses call attention to the overflowing sensations and insecurities that run through, expand and take over a woman’s whole existence as early as the moment of conception. As the embodiment of such an intense experience, the sketched fetuses allow for the exploration of this inconspicuous plane of existence.