Sugar in the Basement

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Sugar in the Basement
Sina Ghadaksaz - Solo Show

24 days to the ending

13 May - 10 Jun, 2022

Sugar in the Basement

Mehrdad Ghasemkhan (DB) – Dastan's Basement presents "Sugar in the Basement", the latest series of works by Sina Ghadaksaz. The artist's second collaboration with Dastan's Basement, "Sugar in the Basement" follows the artist's project, " The archeology of art", which has been developed in the context of utilization of art in exposing paleoanthropological facts. The show will be on view between May 13, to June 10, 2022. "Sugar' is a character the artist developed, imbuing it with organic characteristics. The evolution of sugar is somehow similar to human evolution, save for the appearance of the human ego.Sugar is a prudent creature, knows how to interact with its surroundings, and survives with a minimum of effort.///

Sugar is essential nutrition for the human body and human society. Sugar provides the human brain with much-needed energy at little cost. The question is: Can painting act like sugar? Asks Ghadaksaz in "Sugar in the Basement". Can painting cause dopamine release in the human brain and bring pleasure? The following series attempts to introduce Sugar as a character. 

Sina Ghadaksaz (b. 1992, Tabriz) has a BA in Multimedia Art (2015, Tabriz) and an MA in Art Studies (2018, Tabriz). The artist's work has been shown in numerous solo or group exhibitions including the "ARTO21 fair, Represented by Dastan Gallery, Shanghai (2021), and "A Spectacle' (2020) his first solo exhibition at Dastan's Basement A Close View of Far-Field Representation" Sanati Contemporary Art Museum, Kerman (2019), 'Time Shift", Jorjani Art Gallery, Tehran (2017) "Art Expo Tehran' in association with ArtPeople Gallery Los Angeles, Tehran (2012).

Installation view