Getting Closer

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Getting Closer
Hadi Fallahpisheh - Solo Show

36 days to the ending

7 May - 22 Jun, 2022

Getting Closer

Can you understand being alone so long you would go out in the middle of the night and put a bucket into the well so you could feel something down there tug at the other end of the rope? 

Jack Gilbert

Hadi Fallahpisheh knows he does not know. Lucy thinks she knows what Hadi does not know, but she does not know he does not know it. Hadi does not know Lucy does not know he does not know, and thinks she knows what he knows he doesn't. Hadi believes Lucy. Hadi now does not know he does not know. One happy ending. Hadi thinks Hadi sees what he does not,  and that Lucy sees what she does not see. Lucy believes Hadi. She now thinks she sees what Hadi thinks Hadi sees and that Hadi sees it too. They may now both be completely wrong.This is ambiguous. Hadi thinks he is seeing an illusion; is he right or wrong? Hadi thinks he is not under an illusion. Is he right or wrong? Try it anyway.

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