The Garden of Light

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The Garden of Light
Hiva Alizadeh - Solo Show

13 days to the ending

30 Apr - 30 May, 2022

The Garden of Light

The exhibition is a solo show by the Iranian artist Hiva Alizadeh inspired by the fundamental concepts of Persian culture of "Spirituality, Space and Light", recreates luminous atmospheres and iridescent colors in the rooms of Palazzo Monti that remind us of a religious walk in the mosque of Nasir ol Molk of Shirāz.

Persian culture also returns in his artistic technique as it has its roots in the ancient practice of carpet weaving, brought here to the extreme of the lyrical abstraction of its motifs.///

His works, which are characterized by the abundant presence of polychromatic synthetic hair extensions, give life to an immersive installation of lights and colors, which will sensorially involve the viewer in the first room of Palazzo Monti.